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Who we are
Design Matters.

Design speaks of commitment to quality, and attention to detail and latest trends. At Bird Blue Design we care about design; whether it be a logo, a website, social media presence or an online campaign, we are there to create the visual branding that our customers need.

Above all, we believe in the beauty of design, in attention to detail, in interaction, exploration and in the value of collaboration. We create intelligent and attractive products, captivating experiences and excellent results for our clients anywhere in the world.

Bird Blue Design Brand Design


Brand Design.

The brand goes beyond the logo; it is the visual whole that identifies a business and its values. Everything the business says or does, how it interacts with it’s stakeholders, and how it presents itself regardless of the medium, speak to these values.

Bird Blue Design Web Design


Web Design.

Web design is a balance of creativity and technique work. Planning, design and maintenance of the digital face of a company. Websites are now days a critical point of contact between a brand and its clients and stakeholders; often the first one. A corporate or personal website provides a unique opportunity to capture your audience’s attention.

Bird Blue Design Social Media

Content Marketing.

Content Marketing involves creating a community around your brand; it is opening up the communication lines to a dialogue with customers and users in a way that other channels don’t allow for. Valuable insights and interactions can be harnessed from the effective use of content.

Bird Blue Design Online Marketing


Online Marketing.

Marketing is strategy. It requires focus, clear goals and a replicable and scalable structure for success. We run data-driven online marketing campaigns aimed at obtaining the highest ROI for our customers. Email marketing, content marketing, SEO and SEM strategies come together to get the best results.


How we work
Our 4 step process.

Our unique approach brings us from idea to execution while keeping the right amount of involvement from each of our clients. We work from a brief, build, launch and boost process.


How we charge
Estimate your project.

The pricing for your project will vary, depending on the specific services included. Each project is a universe, and it is our philosophy that quality design and execution should be available to all. You can use the tool below to estimate the cost of your project in your currency. Get in touch to find out about our special prices for NGOs and students.

Our Clients


How to reach us
Get in touch.

(+49) 15735258236

(+57) (1) 3816873


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