Brand Design

Brand Design & Brand Refresh

The brand goes beyond the logo; it is the visual whole that identifies a business and its values. Everything the business says or does, how it interacts with it’s stakeholders, and how it presents itself regardless of the medium, speak to these values.. We offer our services of brand design for both new projects and existing brands, our basic packages of Brand Design and Brand Refresh respectively.

Logo Design

Concept, creation and design of the logo, taking into account the brand’s representative elements and characteristics. It includes variations in black and white, gray-scale, for dark backgrounds and other iconography.

Brand Manual

The Brand Manual includes all the distinctive features of the brand’s image; versions of the logo, color palettes, typography, applications, and style guides.

Basic Letterhead

5 Basic applications of the brand to corporate letterhead;  it can include letterheads, envelopes, business cards, folders etc.

Digital Document Templates

Templates and themes for Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and/or digital signatures for corporate emails.

6 High Resolution Images

We will include up to 6 high resolution images from the best available sources to achieve a greater impact on the page.

Launch Graphics Kit

We design a kit of social network graphics, to set them up on your social media accounts and share the new branding with customers and followers.



Graphic Applications

Additional applications of the logo or artwork past the 5 included basic package can be added as extras at an additional cost.


Multipage Design

Brochures, catalogs and booklets are not included in the basic package but can be added as extras at an additional cost.


Signs & Banners

Signage for outdoors or large format is not included in the basic brand design package but can be ordered as an extra.


Applications for Media

Ads for publication in press and other media can be designed according to the specific needs of each outlet and produced as extras.

What do we need to start?


Basic Information

Information about the company including history, sector in which it operates, mission and vision, services and products, and any other information that may be important.


Contact Information

Information such as names, telephone numbers and addresses that should be included in the material. The spelling and correct writing is the customer’s responsibility.


Marketing Plan

A general orientation of the direction, tone, goals and audience of the business, these will be the base on which to build the brand.


Proyect Manager

A person responsible for the project, who will be in charge of communications and approving decisions related to the design.

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