Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Web design is a balance of creativity and technique work. Planning, design and maintenance of the digital face of a company. Websites are now days a critical point of contact between a brand and its clients and stakeholders; often the first one. A corporate or personal website provides a unique opportunity to capture your audience’s attention. Our web design through CMS system is designed to facilitate updating, development and evolution of web sites. Our basic web design package includes:

Social Profile Setup

Setup of profiles on selected social networks, or updates to existing profiles. Design and update profile images and covers with the specifications of each social network.

Email Marketing

Design, writing and dispatch of email marketing campaigns, including handling of mailing lists, subscriptions and segmentation. It is possible to do a/b testing to identify more effective communications.

Content Publication

We plan, create, optimize and publish the best content about key issues for a brand, this is an important part of your content marketing strategy. We also post announcements and important news from your brand to share with followers and customers.

Content Types


Illustration, photo retouching, creation of images in 2D and 3D to share on social networks, for use in web pages or in email marketing campaigns.

Blog Posts & Articles

Writing of articles, lists and blog entries in English or Spanish.


This graphical information format allows you to present specific ideas in a simple, visually appealing and interesting way. It is excellent for communicating important information in a way our audience enjoys.


Videos and animations to share on social networks, or to be included in web pages.

What do we need to start?


Basic Information

Information about the company including history, sector in which it operates, mission and vision, services and products, and any other information that may be important.


Contact Information

Information such as names, telephone numbers and addresses that should be included in the material. The spelling and correct writing is the customer’s responsibility.


Marketing Plan

A general orientation of the direction, tone, goals and audience of the company on which to base the content strategy.


Project Manager

A person responsible for the project who will be in charge of communications and approve decisions related to the management of social networks.

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