Case Study: Ecobaby Colombia

The Brief


The Basics

Ecobaby  Colombia is a medical company that provides specialized 3D and 4D ultrasound services. The company already had corporate image, and brochures, signage, stationery etc.  without brand manual. The intention was to keep the logo and image both for its recognition and the attractiveness of the design.


The insight

Create a relaunch of the brand, make it attractive to customers and position it as professional and to the standards of the medical community in terms of codes of ethics and respect that are appropriate for these cases. It is important to stay away from packages or combos or excessively commercial elements, it is first and foremost a service medical.


The Goals

The main objective was to increase Ecobaby’s brand recognition and turn it into conversions in appointments and patients. To move on from depending upon foot traffic, recommendations, experiences with groupon and very expensive advertisements in magazines and with low ROI, to a solid quality brand presence and increase in patient loyalty.

The proposal

Brand Refresh

The first phase of the proposal was to analyze the current branding, assess the strengths and weaknesses and fill the gaps in the existing elements. Building the brand manual, the reference point for future communications, was the first step.

Brand Applications

Parting from the brand manual, the online presence of Ecobaby Colombia was built, including the design and execution of the web page with specialized elements, the establishment of social networks together with the design of the graphics, the development of a database of customers and design of digital communications.

Community Management

The key to the success of online branding comes from iteration, the constant social media and email marketing communication allows a brand to create a community surrounding the brand which translates into more contacts and more patients.

Brand Manual

Design and implementation of the brand manual, including vectorizing the logo, and defining the guidelines for use, color palettes and fonts, tone and voice and image guides.  The manual achieves a consistent and unified brand across all media.

Web Design

CMS Web design for easy updating in a single page format including a contact form, portfolio of services and images. The editorial content of the page was written by Bird Blue Design.

Online Booking

A specialized online booking plugin enables patients to book a session within a time window defined by Ecobaby, without telephone calls or requesting the appointment in person. Notification of new appointments will reach the Administration via email.

Multi Language

Translating the page into English gives the business access to a new audience, taking advantage of the rise of medical tourism and the arrival of multinational companies in the city.

Social Media Management

Social Media management by Blue Bird Design includes the curation of online content to share in these networks, the use of images and texts Ecobaby with news from the company, replies to messages and solving questions through these channels, creating contests and questions and posting important announcements.

Online Advertising

Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, and English language portals increased Ecobaby’s positioning and traffic to the website. Being well positioned in search engines is essential for the success of a business.

Email Marketing

A legal, qualified and well structured database is one of the best tools in marketing development. Ecobaby has a large mailing list of customers and people interested in their services. Structuring this list, and designing email marketing campaigns generates new interest in Ecobaby’s products and services.

Great Results

The combined efforts in brand design, web design and Online marketing have generated presence and recognition for the brand within the community, it has increased the contact and the scheduling of appointments by providing two additional contact points and has increased the volume of patients in general by 50%.

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