Case Study: Essential Health Group


The Brief

Essential Health Group is a newly formed healthcare group comprised of physicians from different specialties, and aims to offer comprehensive healthcare services in the outskirts of a large city. Under the tagline “Excellence and Innovation in Healthcare” the brand seeks to position itself as a premium alternative in the market, forward thinking and modern and are looking for an image inspired in the human form and various pieces from art history, without being too literal.

The Proposal

The brand creation proposed included a logo reminiscent of  the traditional image of the caduceus in its wrapping motion, while being a deconstructed representation of “the thinker” by Rodin. The geometry and movement in the image further enhance the idea of modernity and forward-thinking, and the use of multiple colors to distinguish the brand from the traditional blue shades used in healthcare. The online presence is also modern and fresh and colorful, to enhance the positive aspects of healthcare vs. the antiseptic images used traditionally.

Brand Design

The Brand design includes a 360 degree creation of the brand identity, patterns, color palettes and fonts, the design of a Brand Manual and applications to corporate letterhead.


Web Design

The website for Essential Health Group was built with design and innovation in mind, color and beautiful images drive the information and custom plugins for appointment scheduling make the website a really convenient tool for patients.




We also designed interior and exterior signage for Essential Health Group, to further showcase the logo and services provided in the office over the front of the building in large format.


The Results

The launch of this site happens in July 2016, as the new office inaugurates. You can visit the final website as of then.

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