Case Study: Grupo IMD


The Brief

Grupo IMD was established in 2014 as a result of the merger of two companies with long experience in the field of medicine and clinical images. The creation of the brand and merger coincide with the launch of a new medical center in the city of Manizales.


The Proposal

The project includes a proposal for 360° branding, applications, signage, online presence through CMS website, integration with social networks, community, press advertisement and digital media creation.

Brand Design

The starting point of any company is its brand. The brand includes graphic identity, value system and everything else the company aspires to be.


Signs both on the facade of the building and above the door of the office, decorative vinyl on walls and banners for outdoor signage during construction are designed to ensure consistency in the identity of the brand in all its applications.


A three-panel brochure becomes a key communication piece to publicize the services, equipment, facilities and office hours, and as support to the sales process and alliances with insurance companies.


A new brand in a new space must make itself known. Flyers allow all visitors to the building to find out more about IMD.

Design for print press

Design of multiple ads in different formats for publication in regional press in the health section.

Graphic Applications

Design and functionality go hand in hand. This guide for self-examination for breast cancer hangs from the bathroom door, where women can remember to do perform the exam frequently.

Diseño Web

The website is the first point of presence online for this new brand, it becomes a space to communicate to patients and colleagues about the important advances in technology and service that presents IMD.

Online Booking

Special online booking plugin allows patients to book appointments directly in the web page, converting traffic into sales. The system is comfortable for patients and doctors.


When the mission of the company is to provide services offline, and the aim is to concentrate resources on the core business, maintenance plans are great for keeping the site secure, up-to-date and in compliance with the latest standards with minimal effort from the business.

Social Media Management

Social media will help establish the brand image and a community surrounding it. Content quality and consistency are key to achieving success in these channels.

Online Advertisement

A clear and defined brand message can lead to a very segmented target audience for online advertisement, and in conjunction with the website design, this advertisements turn into contacts and patients.


Since the launch of IMD, the identity of the new company has been established in the region and it has created a strong social media community around it. The target audience is aware and committed, and branding is present on top of mind.

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