Case Study: La Fiambrera


The Brief

La fiambrera is an art gallery and book shop in Madrid, Spain. They needed to optimize their website and e-commerce platform to establish best practices in terms of structure, performance, SEO and Usability. Bird Blue Design was asked to perform a complete audit on the site.

The Proposal

The proposal was to rework the whole site according to the results of the audit, create an actionable task list and a monthly maintenance plan to keep up the best practices and performance otimizations.


Optimizing the site structure improves usability, eliminate redudant elements and create a  coherent user trayectory to purchase.


By installing a multi lingual plugin we are able to properly set up the site in English and Spanish.


SEO optimization includes OnPage, OffPage and technical SEO tasks to allow La Fiambrera’s site to rank properly in search engines.

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