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Marcel Garz <strong><em>Landing Page</em></strong>

Marcel Garz, has a PhD in economics and is an senior research scientist at the Hamburg Media School, in Hamburg, Germany. The goal for the website was to create a space to display publications and latest news while maintaining a serious and muted look and feel.

Marcel Garz Landing Page

The key to the project was minimalism and to include only the basic contact information to create a virtual extension of a business card, and to allow for non invasive data collection while keeping in with the European privacy and data laws.

The proposal includes the creation of the website in CMS, design of the back-end to allow the client to easily update and publish new content. The design is simple but breaks down stereotypes of the academic websites; it presents the CV and the research of the client in a manner that is interesting and easy to read. Through the use of plugins we will be able to comply with European laws regarding cookie usage, disclaimers and data tracking.

Our <strong><em>solution</em></strong>

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