Case Study: RX Horizonte


The Brief

RX Horizonte is a B2B company offering outsourcing of radiology departments to hospitals and mayor insurance companies in Colombia. The brand was created in 2004 and was in need of a refresh as the business prepares for expansion. A website showcasing the services and locations of the company, aimed for other health contractors, was needed. The additional features of access to restricted content and documents for the administrators of the company, a sort of intranet function  to allow files to be shared and kept in order in one single place.

The Proposal

The brand refresh proposed included creating the vector files of the logo, the brand manual and corporate applications. An updated and modern look with the horizon as the key inspiration and hinting to the old design to maintain brand recognition. The website was designed on a CMS platform, included restricted access to the managers and administrators to an area with all the documents relevant to the business hosted in Dropbox.

Brand Design

The new brand design is created to make a reference to the 3D globe image of the past, while adhering to current flat design standards. The brand colors are maintained and the ridge in the middle of the letters carries the horizon theme throughout.


Web Design


The website for was built with the back end functionality, and custom plugins to allow for specific users to access specific content, as well as for the display of internal files, updating daily from a dropbox folder for ease of handling.


Great Results

Since the launch of the website for RX Horizonte the site has received visits and contacts, and the business has been able to constantly update their online documents without any effort.

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