Case Study: The Wolf's Den Music

The Brief


The Basics

The Wolf’s Den Music is a United Kingdom-based young company. They function as an audio and video recording studio for musicians and music students. The idea of the illustration that would become the brand identity was very clear, and in terms of image and video, content was readily available.


The Insight

Launching the website for the Studio, something simple and minimalistic that allows sound, video, and image to shine. Something easy maintenance and budget adjusted for a company that is just starting.


The goals

The main objective was to create a web presence of easy maintenance, where potential customers can find gathered different forms of contact, videos and images of the recordings. The website must be a portfolio online and contact page.

The proposal


The first step was the creation of the illustration. The Wolf in geometrical shapes or low poly was the starting point, and the process began with the development of the concept and  step by step illustration to achieve the exact image that they wanted to use.

Online Portfolio

The design and development of the website according to the criteria set by The Wolf’s Den: minimalist, black-and-white, mainly highlighting the media that they create in the study and with contact forms. The integration of youtube channel and instagram page account accomplishes this goal.


The maintenance of the page is very simple and allows for the business owners to update it themselves without too much effort. Automation through plugins allows for new photos on instagram or videos uploaded to youtube, are displayed automatically in the portfolio page. Easy and simple.


Illustration and vectorization of the requested image, revisions and adjustments to achieve a clear, distinctive and original image that identifies the study The Wolf’s Den.

Web Design

The website for The Wolf’s Den music is the perfect medium to present a portfolio of videos, images and audio produced by the business.

Social Media Integration

Specialized plugins allow the business to automatically update the content of the website from anywhere and any device via Youtube and Instagram.

Very good work. It was a very pleasant and effective experience. From the early meetings to the final product, everything was taken on with attention to every detail.

Jorge Arango

Founder, The Wolf's Den

Great Results

Since the launch of the website for The Wolf’s Den Music, the site has received visits and contacts, and the business has been able to constantly update their online portfolio without any effort.

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