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Web design is a balance of creativity and technique work. Planning, design and maintenance of the digital face of a company. Websites are now days a critical point of contact between a brand and its clients and stakeholders; often the first one. A corporate or personal website provides a unique opportunity to capture your audience’s attention. Our web design through CMS system is designed to facilitate updating, development and evolution of web sites. Our basic web design package includes:

6 Page Design

They can be the following: home, services, testimonials, contact, information, Gallery, or custom pages.

Blog Design

According to the needs of the project, the design and configuration of the pages, sidebar and widgets for a blog will be included.

Logo Integration

The logo, slogan and other elements of the company’s brand will be integrated into the page. If you do not have a logo, we will include the brand or person’s  name in text.

Style Guide

The style guide includes all the elements that we use on the website: textures, fonts and colors.

Mailchimp Integration

We connect newsletters services to the website, enabling it to receive subscriptions to the mailing list.

Social Network Integration

We connect your brand’s social networks to your website, to make it easier for your followers to share your content and visit your site.

Maintenance Checklist

We have included a list of maintenance that should be performed every month to keep the site functional and safe.

6 High Resolution Images

We will include up to 6 high resolution images from the best available sources to achieve a greater impact on the page.

Launch Graphics Kit

We designed a kit of graphics for social networks, so that sharing the launch of the page with customers and followers is easy and looks great.



E-commerce Plugin

The development of e-commerce sites that allow you to sell products through the web site is not included, but you can request it as an extra feature.


Membership Plugin

The development of membership for users, social networks, or personal pages is not included in the basic package, but can be requested as an extra.


Booking Plugin

The development of pages allowing you to book appointments is considered an extra, it needs additional plugins, licenses and special design.


Editorial Content

The editorial content is the text of the page, if you don’t have editorial content written, our content creation services can help. Alternatively, you can get the site with placeholder text and replace at your own convenience.



The Hosting is the service that allows you to make the website visible to all users on the Internet. If you don’t have a provider, we can help you setup this service.



The domain is the name of the page, this should be unique so you have to buy the right to use the name. If you haven’t  purchased your domain we can help setup this service.


Corporate Email

The configuration of corporate email linked to the domain of the web page is achieved through integration with third party applications according to the needs of each company.


Monthly Maintenance

New revisions to the design and the monthly maintenance of the page are not included, but you can additionally hire and include updates, security patches and additions or revisions of design and content.

What do we need to start?


Basic Information

Information about the company including history, sector in which it operates, mission and vision, services and products, and any other information that may be important.

Marketing Plan

A general orientation of the direction, tone, goals and audience of the company, on which to base the design of the website.


Mailchimp Account

MailChimp is the best newsletter provider, it will allow you to receive subscriptions from users, send periodic emails and create a database of potential clients. If you need help with Mailchimp you can also book our Email marketing services.


Professional Images

Stock images allow you to make a great impact on a web page, but high quality images of products and specific details of the company will have to be provided by the customer.


Contact Information

Information such as names, telephone numbers and addresses that should be included in the material. The spelling and correct writing is at the customer’s responsibility


Project Manager

A person responsible for the project who will be in charge of communications and approving decisions related to the design.


Social Network Profiles

Accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Google + bring credibility and access for customers and users. Bird Blue Design also offers services of social network and online community management.


References (Optional)

Web sites, catalogs, images and colors, any point of reference that is interesting as a starting point, a list of specific ideas or desires to  help us create exactly what your brand needs.

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